Building Technology for a Cleaner Future

About Catalyst Energy Services

Catalyst Energy Services started with the idea that technology is the key to the future. We take the stewardship of preserving our world’s resources seriously, and we’re passionate about about our industry because we help people every day. From manufacturing to transportation, from protecting frontline workers to creating everyday products, our industry keeps people safe, happy and connected.

We are an emerging stimulation service company specializing in hydraulic fracturing treatment with the equipment, people and technology to get your investment online as soon as possible. Built by an accomplished executive team with over 100 years of hands-on experience in the field, engineering, and business management, we are supported by a highly experienced and knowledgeable operations team to maximize equipment efficiency and achieve optimal operational results.

Our Excellence Cycle

We follow guidelines that promote excellence within our organization and with our partners. Our excellence cycle can be identified by the following principles


We deliver what we promise with the quality service provide to our teammates and customers.


We break the barriers, seek feedback and deliver a clear and determinable solution.


We believe that competition continues to improve and strengthen our team.


We are empowered, innovative and resourceful in our every solution design.


We have the consciousness of our actions and the knowledge to make the right choices.


We work with our team and customers to produce the best solution, every time.


We are honest with ourselves, one another and the customer. We believe we are stronger as a team.


We strive to perform safer, smarter and more efficiently for our safety as well as the safety of others.


We power the people, technologies, and industries of tomorrow.


Technology is the key to the future. Constant innovation will evolve our sector of the energy industry to achieve cleaner, safer, and optimized production.


Integrity: Our accountability and approach to the way we work together ensures our team and client’s safety.

Respect: Partnerships grow from honoring one another—inside and outside the company.

Innovation: We aspire to continuously improve our technology, customer partnerships, and the way we work so we can be our best while helping others become their best. Excellence matters.