Patented, direct-drive, natural-gas powered turbine technology

Product Overview

Catalyst’s newest, innovative product – VortexPrime – is the first-of-its-kind fleet in the fracing marketplace using direct-drive turbine technology. In the past, fracing fleets had to choose between cost savings and ESG. With VortexPrime, it’s now possible to have both fuel savings and lower emissions. Using VortexPrime will result in cleaner, safer, environmentally friendlier, and more cost-efficient production.


Maximum Power

  • Up to 15,000psi working pressure dependent upon configuration
  • Up to 25 bpm per pump unit dependent upon configuration
  • Highest HHP density
  • Highest BTU to HHP conversion


Longer Service Life = More Savings = Less Environmental Impact

  • Fewer cycles help save money because it requires less fuel, oil, manpower, trips, coordination, etc.
  • Up to 40% reduced emissions
  • Up to 95% waste reduction


More Efficient = Lower Operating Expenses

  • Fully self-contained
  • Only requires 6 to 8 pumps versus 20 (standard fleet)
  • 5 pumps can deliver 100 bpm at 10,500 psi
  • Set-up time is faster—about 2 days vs 4 for standard fleets
  • Takes up to 55% less space onsite than a standard fleet
    • Can work in tight urban or mountainside sites

Getting excited? We are too.

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