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Unveiling VortexPrime™ at the Petroleum Club of Midland

VortexPrime™, the world's first direct-drive frac pump. Watch and learn how the patent-pending, turbine fleet technology contributes to significantly improved safety, cost and operational efficiency for frac operators and investors.

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SPE Tech Talk – ROI or Emissions:
Must Frac Operators Choose?

Co-founders Bobby Chapman and Seth Moore joined David Gibson with Society of Petroleum Engineers International (SPE) on March 10, 2022 to discuss the ongoing status quo in the current frac marketplace.

Catalyst Energy Services Unveils VortexPrime™

Catalyst is dedicated to building technology that results in a cleaner future for hydraulic fracturing, as well as the communities in which they serve. VortexPrime improves safety, optimizes production, decreases footprint and reduces waste and emissions. 

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The Catalyst Difference

Building technologies for a cleaner future

We are an emerging stimulation service company specializing in hydraulic fracturing treatment with the equipment, people and technology to get your investment online as soon as possible.

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People Matter

Driven by performance and customer satisfaction, we invest in our people, safety training, equipment, technology and our customers’ success.

ESG Matters

What we do and how we do it affects millions of lives. This is why we continuously seek to hire experts, innovate and strive to exceed codes and qualifications.

Innovation Matters

Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, we provide innovative slickwater solutions for fresh and high TDS brine applications.

Best-in-Class Services

Maximum performance and efficiency guide all aspects of our client partnerships from the boardroom to the field.

Building Technology
for a Cleaner Future

Catalyst Energy Services started with the idea that technology is the key to the future. We take the stewardship of preserving our world’s resources seriously, and we’re passionate about our industry because we help people every day. From manufacturing to transportation, from protecting frontline workers to creating everyday products, our industry keeps people safe, happy and connected.

End-to-End Service

You ask, we deliver. We’ll deliver an entire turbine frac fleet, personnel and equipment to you. The best part? It does not require a co-invest from Operators. Capable of high-level utilization, our fracing equipment is operated by an expert team dedicated to excellence in service quality, safety, and innovation.

Commitment to Safety

We believe a strong safety culture with a custom training program is fundamental to ensuring consistently safe operations for the entire team at Catalyst Energy Services.

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