Fracturing Operations Expert, Marcus Medrano, Joins Catalyst Energy Services

New District Manager to Lead Service and Performance Excellence Delivery Across Fleets

ODESSA, Texas (June 5, 2022) – Catalyst Energy Services announces Marcus Medrano as district manager for its Permian Basin-based business. In his role, Marcus will lead and manage operations, including personnel, performance, safety and efficiency.

“Optimizing performance requires excellent safety standards, high quality work, consistent service excellence and innovative technology. Marcus will manage outcomes and expectations while driving operations growth, ensuring compliance and improving processes,” says Seth Moore, executive vice president, chief operating officer and co-founder, Catalyst Energy Services. “Most importantly, Marcus’s ethical approach to management reinforces and elevates our spirit of integrity. This is foundational to who we are today, and how we’ll achieve our goals tomorrow.”

Mr. Medrano brings extensive managerial and industry experience from companies including MidCon, ProPetro, and Rising Star Services. His expertise in managing high-performing teams and operations is crucial for the further development of quality controls and innovation, including the company’s flagship technology, VortexPrimeTM.

“When employees are held to high standards of accountability and enabled with the tools and processes they need to succeed, they perform their best. This creates an environment in which they can deliver safely and effectively on every project, every time,” says Marcus Medrano, district manager, Catalyst Energy Services. “As a leader, you’re only as good as your team. Catalyst’s leaders are directly involved in every aspect of the company. Through their positive outlook and support, the company built a strong team and cultivated an ever-evolving culture of care and accountability. I’m excited to be a part of Catalyst’s future.”

Catalyst Energy Services’ proprietary product, VortexPrimeTM, features a natural-gas driven, 5,000 horsepower technology that can achieve up to 65% in fuel savings per month, a 55% smaller footprint onsite and 40% lower emissions. For more information, visit

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Catalyst Energy Services started with the idea that technology is the key to the future. We take the stewardship of preserving our world’s resources seriously, and we’re passionate about our industry because we help people every day. From manufacturing to transportation, from protecting frontline workers to creating everyday products, our industry keeps people safe, happy and connected.

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