This Hydraulic Fracturing Pump Fleet Proves Its Worth

Written by Nate Hendley, Business in Focus Magazine

When Catalyst Energy Services was profiled in the September 2022 issue of Resource in Focus, the Texas-based company had just released its highly innovative Vortex Prime pumping system. Vortex Prime is designed to reduce costs, emissions, and maintenance during hydraulic fracturing operations to recover natural gas. Now, Catalyst has a case study with data that aptly demonstrates the merits of its cutting-edge pump solution.

“The beauty of the case study for us was that it allowed us to prove on a scale what we had been calculating and saying for quite a while—that this technology is perfectly suited for small locations where size or layout might be a challenge,” states Seth Moore, Chief Operating Officer and Catalyst co-founder.

Hydraulic fracturing is a drilling technique in which water, sand, or chemicals are blasted into a wellbore under high pressure to break up rock formations so natural gas and oil can be extract-ed. Vortex Prime offers an alternative to conventional fracking fleets—the energy industry term for the rigs, trucks, vehicles, pumps, and other equipment needed for hydraulic fracturing. The Vortex Prime fracking fleet is the first of its type to use direct-drive turbine technology.

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