Catalyst Energy Services Names Expert to Lead Innovative Technology Training Program

Stimulation Service Company Appoints VortexPrime™ Turbine Training Specialist

MIDLAND, Texas (May 4, 2022) – Catalyst Energy Services announces the appointment of Noah White as its Turbine Training Specialist for VortexPrime, the company’s proprietary, patents-pending hydraulic fracturing technology. This new role plays a key part in making sure their innovative technology achieves peak performance and service excellence consistently under the expertise of their Permian-based team.

“Noah constantly demonstrates a high aptitude for our new technology as well as a technical curiosity for understanding it inside and out,” says Sean Edwards, Director of Manufacturing and Maintenance. “Protecting our technology and ensuring its optimal performance requires a team of well-informed employees. Noah educates and inspires our VortexPrime team members through his on-the-job training programs that support our goals as well as our clients’ goals.”

The Turbine Training Specialist role and its responsibilities are designed specifically to propel service excellence and peak performance in the field. Through both technical and simulation training, Catalyst Energy Services’ employees will be able to consistently maximize the features and benefits of the technology, while also employing their combined expertise to improve operations. 

“By creating and implementing an ongoing tech training program along with standardized processes, Noah ensures dependable and successful VortexPrime operations for our customers. He is dedicated to doing the job right and safely,” says Stan Boatwright, Director QHSE, Catalyst Energy Services. “This quality management system approach aligns with our top priority as a company to safeguard our people, operations and equipment all day, every day.”  Catalyst Energy Services’ proprietary product, VortexPrime, features a natural gas driven, 5,000 horsepower technology that can achieve over $1 million in fuel savings per month, 40% lower emissions, and up to 99% waste reduction. For more information, visit

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Catalyst Energy Services started with the idea that technology is the key to the future. We take the stewardship of preserving our world’s resources seriously, and we’re passionate about our industry because we help people every day. From manufacturing to transportation, from protecting frontline workers to creating everyday products, our industry keeps people safe, happy, and connected. 

We are an emerging stimulation service company specializing in hydraulic fracturing solutions with the equipment, people, and technology to get your investment online as soon as possible. Built by an accomplished executive team with over 100 years of hands-on experience in the field, engineering, and business management, we are supported by a highly experienced and knowledgeable operations team that maximizes equipment efficiency to achieve optimal operational results. 

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