Oil & Gas – It’s not all about fuel and electricity

Did you know that thousands of everyday products are petroleum based? Take one of America’s favorite pastimes, football, for example. Tens-to-hundreds of products related to the sport rely on petrochemical byproducts and molecules to be produced.

Petrochemical byproducts might sound like a foreign concept, yet we are more familiar with them then we realize. Petrochemicals make almost everything we use in our daily lives possible. From streaming entertainment to social media, even our favorite past times; petrochemicals turn these into reality.

Next time you watch a football game, imagine what the sport would look like without petrochemicals. There’d be no protective gear or clothing, no stadium – just a grass field. There’d be no plastic cups or utensils to enjoy gameday food, nor media equipment for instant-replays or broadcasting. Most importantly, there’d be no football to even play the game. Thanks to petrochemicals, we can enjoy the game of football as we know it today.




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